This is the second post of photos from the past month.

Karina just below the summit of Mt. Chief Pascall. It was raining at the car and extremely windy up high.

I wish I had some profound observations to accompany these photos, but if I wait for a flash of inspiration, I may be waiting forever.

Karina skiing across Garibaldi Lake. We spent a chilly night in the Sphinx Hut.

Skiing has been a great way to get back in shape.  Ski boots are quite supportive and the movement is generally low impact.  The ski terrain within a reasonable drive of Squamish is wonderful with no shortage of different areas to explore.

Eric skiing the Northwest Face of Mt. Pattison. You don't have to tour very far from the lifts on Blackcomb to find solitude and untracked snow.

My photos might give the misleading impression that every day is sunny with fresh powder.  Sadly, this is not always the case on the west coast in January.   My efforts to regain some fitness have actually seen me skiing in the rain on a number of occasions. This in spite of the fact that I once declared that I would never leave the car if it was raining.  However, perhaps by skiing on the miserable days I fulfilled some sort of karmic design and was thereby granted a number of truly fantastic days.

Below are a few more photos from the good days.

Skiing the North Face of Mt. Trorey.
Karina on Rohr Ridge.
Ash skiing pillows on Joffre Shoulder.
Paul Cordy is in there somewhere amongst the billowing powder.
Regan and Ed skiing towards Mt. Fitzsimmons with Fissile in the background.
Davey skiing the North Face of Mt. Fitzsimmons. One of the better bits of skiing I've ever done.